I understand that the process that’s behind the creation of a new website may appear confusing and intransparent – especially if it’s your first time. So I put together a little “step-by-step”. Hope this helps!

We determine what and “who” your business or project is, basically defining its attributes. Is Company XYZ bold or elegant? Is it playful or classic? Does it inform or persuade? What’s the best color to convey who your company is?

We define your company’s value proposition. What’s its USP? Which of your clients’ / users’ pain points does it tackle? What’s the best wording and structure to target your specific audience?

Now, that I’ve gotten to know you, your company / project and your objectives, we determine your website’s content and discuss all of the required features and integrations (e.g. newsletter signup, social media embeds). 


We’ll also define your website’s dimensions, the so-called sitemap, that shows us how many pages we need (apart from the homepage) and how they are linked to each other.

I present you with a personalized screen design draft that you’ll absolutely love. And on the off-chance that you don’t fall heads over heels for it right away, we’ll put our heads together once more until we get to the result you’re completely and over-the-top satisfied with.

I support you in finding the correct hosting provider and package for your website’s requirements. The same goes for your domain. Depending on how much assistance you need, I’ll guide you through the entire purchasing process, either via a written manual or by phone / video call.

I build your new website – in the color scheme we discussed, with the structure we discussed, with the features we discussed etc.


Once I’m done – or while I’m still working on your website – you’ll share the content of your website with me, i.e. your “About Us” text, your service or product descriptions.

Once I’m completely done building your website, I’ll give you a quick tour through the frontend and backend of your new website. We can also do a deep dive – up to you!


Since I use WordPress and a fully integrated page builder it’s really super easy for you to learn how to make changes yourself and even duplicate and edit entire pages to expand your new website without professional help. Nevertheless, if you need more assistance, you can, of course, always reach out to me. I’m happy to help! 🙂

While there are lots of other Content Management Systems (CMS) out there that promise to be better, faster and stronger, I am a strong believer that WordPress deserves its place as #1, currently holding 43% of the market share. Why is WP so great, you ask?

WordPress.org vs wordpress.com

It’s also important to note that there is a difference between wordpress.org (free, open source, self-hosted, powerful) and wordpress.com (paid, managed host, limiting). Obviously, the great advantages listed above mainly refer to the former. Read more about the differentiation here.

(UX/UI) Design.

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(Online) Marketing.

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Online Shops.

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Adriana Reinigungsservice
Adriana Cleaning Service is a trusted provider of residential and office cleaning services in Vienna. With their expert team, they ensure pristine environments, catering to diverse cleaning needs. They also offer specialized cleaning solutions for Airbnb properties.

Mountainbiker has been a trusted name in the Viennese cycling industry since 1990. Offering a wide range of bikes, accessories from renowned brands, and services, the shop prioritizes quality in their products and servicess.

Website Trikoterie.at

Trikoterie redefines cycling fashion with sustainably produced, top-quality jerseys. Designed by Viennese illustrators, their collections feature recycled materials and offer customizable designs. Trikoterie prioritizes regional, sustainable production and fair prices, enabling cyclists to embrace their passion and ride with style.

Das Packhaus
Das Packhaus, situated in the vibrant 3rd district of Vienna, is a renowned 4500 m² coworking space catering to professionals, startups, and small enterprises. With its all-inclusive package, flexible contracts, and shared infrastructure, Das Packhaus fosters collaboration, creativity, and growth for all its members.
Stadler & Thomas
Stadler & Thomas is an exquisite dining establishment located in Vienna’s 7th district. With a culinary concept that marries traditional Viennese cuisine with inventive fusion twists, this prestigious restaurant offers a remarkable experience. Each dish showcases the finest, freshest ingredients, ensuring an unforgettable gastronomic journey.
Christian Kirner
Christian Kirner is a renowned lawyer specializing in corporate law, company formations, M&A transactions, and civil litigation. As the founder of a prestigious law boutique, he combines expertise, personalized attention, and transparent fee arrangements, serving small enterprises, startups, and private clients.
Anette Bronder

Anette Bronder is a German tech executive with a deep passion for digital transformation, data governance, and agility. Throughout her career, she has actively pursued opportunities to help organizations successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.

Luis Morales

Luis Morales de la Cruz is an Urban Painter and Digital Illustrator born in Lima – Peru. His artistic approach lies in the use of striking colors in combination with bold motives inspired by Asian art styles, such as Manga and Anime.

Reimagined Teaching

ReimaginED Teaching, LLC is an organization designed to transform education by reimagining the teaching and learning of mathematics.